Glass: The Clear Choice

Widely recognized as one of the oldest, safest, and most sustainable materials available, DEBCO is thrilled to announce the addition of glass to our 2012 drinkware lineup!

Characterized by its high perceived value, glass drinkware aligns your brand with qualities of strength, style, and authenticity. In addition to this aesthetic appeal, glass features a number of health benefits and ecological advantages that are equally worthy of your consideration.
Glass Water Bottle
Glass bottles have always been BPA-free and they’re dishwasher safe. You know what you’re getting when you choose glass.

Glass bottles are made from natural and non-toxic materials, including silica, soda ash, and limestone.

Glass can withstand the high temperatures required for sterilization. High temperatures will not harm your glass containers or release toxins into your beverage.

Taste and Odor-Neutral
Glass is non-porous, impermeable, and air-tight. This means that there are no interactions to alter the taste or odor of your beverage!

Glass is 100% recyclable, and it’s a renewable resource that wont clog landfills.

Temperature Retention
Glass bottles are known for their ability to retain the temperature of their contents.

Align your brand with the strength and elegance that glass so clearly represents! To learn more about our burgeoning line of glassware solutions, contact your Account Manager or Sales Representative. Don’t forget to ask us about Aqua Mark for decorating glass with your full color logo!


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