Amplify Your Marketing Message: Mini Megaphone Amplifier

COMING IN JUNE 2012 – CU8203 Mini Megaphone Amplifier!

Our burgeoning line of cell phone accessories is about to grow again with the introduction of the CU8203 Mini Megaphone Amplifier. Taking its cue from old-fashioned phonograph technology, this silicone iPhone stand amplifies your music without the use of batteries or cords!

Imbued with style and fun, the Mini Megaphone Amplifier is an ideal promotional product for all ages. Use it around the home, in the office, on the field, poolside, or anywhere else you would want a bigger burst of sound.


  • Effectively enhances volume without depleting your iphone’s battery life
  • No external power required
  • Scratch-resistant, lightweight and portable
  • Holds iPhone vertically and horizontally
  • Designed specifically for use with iPhone 4; can also be used with iPhone 3G/3Gs

Although it’s not a speaker, the amplifier significantly boosts the sound from your iPhone’s built-in speakers. We put it to the test using an iPhone 4, and despite having no electronic components, the amplifier significantly increased the volume of our music. You have to hear it to believe it!

Keep an eye out for additional CU8203 product announcements. Full stock for all colours (Black, Royal Blue, Red, White) is scheduled to start arriving in June 2012.


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