Silicone Promotional Products: A Vibrant and Versatile Choice!

Did you know that the first person to walk on the moon was wearing silicone boots? Or, are you aware that silicone is used in the housing, electrical, medical, and automobile manufacturing industries? Despite its functional past, silicone has transformed into the ultimate material for fashion accessories in 2012.

In a year characterized by bright hues and bold patterns, silicone’s versatility and vibrant colours made it a natural fit for accessories like watches, necklaces, rings, and even some apparel. Having made such a significant splash in the retail world, silicone was quickly adopted by the Advertising Specialty Industry. With it’s pliable form and smooth texture, this “super material” prints well and imparts a punchiness that will be remembered by your audience.

The following are a few unique ways that we have adopted silicone into our product line:

1. The SB8016 silicone change purse made huge waves at the recent cross-Canada TOPS tour.  Available in five stunningly vibrant colours, this change purse is more than meets the eye.  Of course, it can be used as a traditional change purse, but it’s also garnering attention as a transit token holder, a paperclip receptacle, and an emergency kit bag.  Borrowing from an age-old concept that your Grandma used to use, it’s been fully modernized with funky silicone and bright colours.

DEBCO SB8227 Silicone Card Holder2. Where do you put your business cards when you’re traveling or attending a trade show?  I used to keep them in my pocket!  The corners would bend, I’d get them mixed-up with everything else in my pocket and invariably end-up looking pretty unprofessional.  Enter the SB8227 business card holder.  This sleek design was inspired by an Italian look, and is once again showcasing an extremely wide array of bright and bold colours including purple and pink.  With a magnetic closure that marries function and form, this little unit says “cool” all by itself.

DEBCO DA5050 Egg iPhone Amplifier and Stand

3. Recently, we teamed-up with our factory engineers and designed the DA5050 iPhone Amplifier. Without a doubt, it’s stunning to hear the amplification difference when you play your favourite music and rest your iphone in the stand.  And the best part is that it’s battery free! Using physics and old-school phonograph technology, you will be amazed when you use this little device on your office desk or kitchen counter.

Silicone is a vibrant and versatile material that is sure to make any promotional product pop! In addition to the products listed above, we have recently introduced several new silicone options, including a coaster set, coffee mug, water bottle, and luggage tag. Click here to review a full list!


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