Making Sound Waves | Bluetooth® Subwoofer Speaker

DEBCO CU6338 Bluetooth Subwoofer Speaker Smartphone Accessories Apple Accessories Promotional Products
CU6338 Bluetooth® Subwoofer Speaker | Available in Red, Silver, and Black

Bluetooth® technology continues to reign supreme in wireless connectivity. With the ability to be linked to most smart phones, MP3/MP4 players, notebook computers, tablets, and other smart devices, we’ve witnessed a massive swell in the demand for Bluetooth® accessories, most notably, speakers. We’re making our own “sound waves” this season with our portable, rechargeable and completely WIRELESS Bluetooth® Subwoofer Speaker!

CU6338 Bluetooth Subwoofer Speaker diagram debcoThe CU6338 is acoustically built for superior sound quality whether it’s used around the home, in the office, or as a travel accessory. With a range of listening and operational options, versatility is the cornerstone of this product. Simply plug in your headphones for a more intimate sound experience, or go completely wireless and take advantage of the extra loud bass effect. You may also want to use it to add an extra boost of sound to your weekly conference calls. Simply link the speaker to your smart phone and enjoy crystal clear speakerphone clarity.

But wait! It’s more than just a speaker. You also have the option to play music directly from your MicroSD card. Simply plug your MicroSD card into the speaker and it will play mp3/wma music files without a Bluetooth® enabled device.

Other Distinguishing Features

  • Unit Size: 2.375″ Diameter x 2.125″ H
  • Bluetooth® Distance: 15m
  • Frequency Response: 60Hz- 18 KHz
  • Output Power: 3W
  • Built-in Li-on rechargeable battery
  • Individually Boxed
  • Instructions Included
  • FCC Certified

One of the most appealing aspects of Bluetooth® accessories is that they’re not brand specific. In this case you don’t have to concern yourself whether the recipient of your gift has Apple or Android preferences. This benefit makes Bluetooth® speakers terrific corporate incentive prizes or holiday gifts.

You will be amazed at the sound quality of this relatively tiny speaker, and how easily it can be adapted for everyday use. To continue this discussion, contact your Sales Representative, and talk about how you can implement this trendy item into your mix!


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