CM8414: A King Among Mugs

CM8414 15 OZ. Two-Tone C-Handle Promotional Ceramic Mug

It’s not often that we dedicate an entire post to one mug, but in the case of the CM8414 Two-Tone Ceramic Mug, it’s entirely warranted. Introduced in the Fall of 2012, just in time for corporate holiday sourcing, this unassuming mug turned out to be the sleeper product of the season, and a true king among mugs!


  • At a whopping 15 ounces, this isn’t a mug for the faint-of-heart coffee sippers – this is a mug for coffee gulpers!
  • Most identifiable of its characteristics is the burst of interior colour – choice of colours include: Red, Blue, Black, Brown, or all White
  • A white exterior means that you can easily maintain your branding standards, yet the splash of interior colour emphasizes your corporate colours and adds to the perceived value
  • Take a walk on the wild-side and try printing along the handle for a twist on traditional branded mugs!


  • Skip the generic mugs and breed better brand culture in the office with your own branded mugs in staff rooms/kitchens and boardrooms – it’s also an environmentally friendly alternative to disposable cups
  • This versatile mug makes an ideal gift or giveaway product for trade shows, special events, contests and incentives
  • Use branded mugs as place settings at conferences and meetings – this large mug will be especially appreciated at early morning meetings when a serious injection of caffeine is in order!

TIP: Order larger quantities to reduce your per-unit cost and increase the value of your investment. Besides, it’s smart to keep extra promotional items on hand for unexpected or last-minute opportunities.

CM8414 15 OZ. Two-Tone C-Handle Ceramic MugFor what is only a nominally higher price, the CM8414 Two-Tone Mug has a quality and perceived value that far outweighs similar, smaller, single-toned ceramic mugs. How much is your brand worth? Do you consider it a worthy investment to spend slightly more for a superior product?

For more product information, or to learn about the plethora of decorating options available for this mug, leave us a comment below or contact your Sales Representative. Click here to see our full line of ceramic mug options.


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