The Black Label Treatment

BlackLabelHeaderIt’s a cool, grey day in Calgary, and people are hurrying inside the hall to get out of the wind.  On a table by the front door sits a collection of products – jackets, fleeces, pens and a few other gadgets and trinkets.  They’re the usual suspects for door prizes, and the seasoned attendees hardly do more than give them a quick glance.

But at the very end of the table there are two items that not only make them look again, but actually stop.  What are these?  The elegant black boxes sit wrapped in stylish bows, silently guarding their treasure.  Are these also part of the door prizes?  Oh, how interesting.  They press on, into the heart of the show, stealing one last glance over their shoulder as they go.

The hall warms, voices swell, and the show proceeds.  It’s like any other show, only today instead of the slow trickling egress of attendees reducing the space to an early and inevitable vacancy, people are sticking around.  There’s some interesting swag here, some real opportunities.  They are enjoying the pitches more than usual, and everyone is really on their game.  Besides, there’s the door prizes to get to, and that’s always fun.

Someone by the door prize table takes up a microphone, PK5001and begins   announcing names at random.  A jacket is given to a smiling winner, who nods and melts back into the crowd, turning back to watch the draw continue.  Another winner, and then another.  Pens are always useful, at least.  Finally the MC moves to the end of the table, and her hands rest next to the mysterious, ribboned boxes.  People in the crowd strain forward, listening.

A name is announced, and there is an excited exclamation.  A young lady moves forward, quickly stepping around those in front of her.  People actually move in behind her.  She grins, her eyes crinkling, as she put out her hands to receive her prize.  Quite involuntary, her hands begin to undo the shining ribbon, and she places the box on the table to lift of the lid with both hands.  The crowd takes another step in behind her.

“Oh, wow,” she says.  “Those are fantastic.  Thank you very much!”  The crowd murmurs approvingly, and then looks up with anticipation at the MC.  There is still another present to give away.

PK2003                It’s a great story, and one with an interesting twist; this event actually happened.  It was a distributor’s annual showcase of new offerings, and the seasoned attendees were end-user buyers for their businesses and corporations, veterans at their umpteenth product knowledge session of the year – not the type to be easily impressed.

That’s the Black Label treatment.

Originally developed in 2011, the Black Label collection has quickly become the go-to solution for high-value holiday gifting season.  That’s high-perceived-value.  With sets beginning below $20, your premium gift program does not have to come at a premium price-point.  And with gift set categories ranging anywhere from Executive to Technology to Drinkware and beyond, there is a Black Label gift set for every personality and occasion.  Graduations, retirements, anniversaries, guest speakers, recognition and incentive programs have all received the Black Label treatment.  Better than that, they’ve received that pampering with a bare minimum of fuss for the gift-giver. Call it logistical Shangri-La; Debco fulfils each order with specially molded inserts – custom-designed for each set – in beautiful, sturdily constructed boxes.  You need only add the bow to those kits that require it, and like magic, you are done.  Two minutes spent on a gift that even the most discerning executive will believe you spent hours slaving over.  That’s high-perceived thoughtfulness.

What about decoration?  Black Label offers unsurpassed branding opportunities, with many gift sets including multiple imprint locations for one decorating cost.  Taking advantage of Debco’s value-priced quality products, and packaging them in a premium format aligns your brand with excellence.  Want to take that a step further?  Try our Aquamark, LaserLike or Impress Print on specially selected drinkware sets.  Whether it’s holiday cocktails, morning coffee over the newspaper, or a mug of hot chocolate in front of the fire, quality decorating will make them want to spend valuable time with your brand.

PK4001                And while discerning, Debco’s Black Label is not exclusionary; these gender-neutral gift sets are perfect for everyone.  Imagine the time saved not having to worry about tailoring different gifts for men and women, in a way that is so much more personal than a gift card.

We all come across Black Label moments in our lives.  These are the special occasions, moments to be remembered, and opportunities to stand apart from the crowd.  Avoid the usual suspects – make an impression.  Reward them with mystery, with elegance, with a gift of value.  Treat them – and yourself – to the Black Label experience.BlackLabelFooter


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