Charting the New Year – Part II

ShipAtSeaLLuck is a matter of preparation meeting opportunity.

– Lucius Annaeus Seneca

500 years ago, a tattered ship limped into the Castilian port of Seville. Aboard her a crew of eighteen withered men shuffled wearily to the railing, casting their jaundiced eyes upon the city that had been both the origin of their journey, and the focus of their fevered dreams. Separating the two was three years of epic journey, the first circumnavigation of the world, and the filling in of the last blank space upon their oceanic maps. It was an accomplishment that even today shapes the way we live our lives.

Ferdinand Magellan – a Portuguese explorer serving under King Charles I of Spain – had been the orchestrator and visionary behind the expedition. But he was not one of the eighteen men this day lucky enough to raise his hands in supplication to the heavens; his body lay thousands of watery leagues behind, eviscerated upon a bloodied Philippine field of battle. History posthumously attributes this epic feat to him, an honour that would be accompanied by the christening of a small Patagonian penguin, and the recognition of a great navigational Strait that would come to bear his name. It was, after all, his vision and burning obsession that had made the achievement possible, and what he paid out in lifeblood he reaped in immortal legacy.

MapFortune favours the brave, though discretion is always the better part of valour. Luck is the consequence of preparedness meeting opportunity. These adages scale themselves no less willingly to the everyday events of our lives, not least of which to our business practices. That same Pacific ocean that Magellan’s voyage illuminated 500 years ago is the one that the team at Debco crosses many times every year, at the beginning of our product development cycle. While it is a feat less brazen, it is no less critical. For while Magellan had trade and posterity on his mind, we carry with us the responsibility of our 30 plus years of thousands of distributor-partnerships.

Our search for innovation is a long, patient, painstaking process. It involves experience and intuition in equal parts. It involves thousands of man-hours of research and investigation. It involves a vision for the future, an eye for contemporary ergonomics, and a history of safety and compliance. We employ thirty years of relationships, carefully cultivated and nurtured, constantly honed and tempered. Then, with an eye to current market conditions and a mind to the health of our partnerships, we negotiate the best main-catalogue-2014possible pricing solutions and services. This is our obsession – to be the very best partner that we can be, and to be that TODAY.

So, without further ado, we would like to present to you our vision for 2014, our main catalogue. The best products, the best pricing, the best services and the best partnership…


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