#2017Trend : Getting Sweaty!

thinkstockphotos-200354570-001It began in earnest in 2016 with a whole lot of sweat and groaning in our offices.

Step challenges, planking, yoga breaks, squat competitions, hydration goals – you name it, or staff was into it!  Throbbing bursts of electro-pulse workout music could be heard going off at regular intervals all over the place.  It wasn’t uncommon to be rushing through the office only to just avoid stepping on a body.  At any time you could walk into whole rooms with people strewn about on the floor, grinning sheepishly in the throes of various exercise positions.

And with it our diets changed, too.  Out went the breakfast muffins, and with it the muffin-tops.  Soups and salads replaced burgers and fries, while water, black coffee and green tea replaced sugary fizzle drinks and frozen cappuccinos.  It’s not to say we didn’t treat ourselves anymore – just not every single day.  We began to feel better… in slow increments, to be sure, but noticeably so nevertheless.


It was an organic movement – that is to say, Debco management did not mandate any of this, it simply happened all by itself.  It was – and is – a reflection of a society-wide movement towards health and wellness in the office, born from the needs and desires of the tens of millions of desk-bound office workers who felt chained down by a culture of sedentary behavior.

So it was no surprise to us that, upon reviewing our analytics, a number of our products related to health and wellness were trending significantly upwards.  Water bottles, coffee and tea mugs, yoga mats, exercise bands, backpacks, golf accessories, shaker bottles, running accessories, pedometers, fruit infusers – all health and wellness staples, and all yoga-matseeing serious gains with health and wellness programs.  And there were new products joining the scene too, with a number of fitness programs ordering gym-friendly items like smartphone wallets and headphones.  Yoga studios and massage therapy clinics were finding fabulous new successes with wireless and Bluetooth speakers.  There was even a spike in cotton tote bag demand for organic health food stores.

CU9135 Action Capturer; an Instagram moment-capturing champion!!

It was also no surprise for us when a number of Trendhunter’s Top 20 Trends for 2017 included (either directly or as a prominent component) health and wellness themes.  Trends like Instagrammable Fitness, Suspended Adulthood, Quantified Self-Care, Extreme Wellness and Detoxifying Libation all embrace the physical, mental and spiritual health and wellness milieu.  (We urge you to read this fascinating report at the Trendhunter website)

wb9027So take a big breath, and pause for a moment as you stand on the precipice of the year 2017.  Yes, life continues its exponential increase in pace and complexity – but stop for a moment to consider Newton’s Third Law; for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.  As technology expands into our lives with Moore’s-law-esque inexorability, take solace that the human spirit seems to be responding in turn.  People are taking more and more time to consider their health and mental well-being, and you should, too.  You may sweat and groan a little because of it, but that devilish grin on your face will ultimately tell the real story.


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