#MyBag, #MyAdventure

Car finally started. Forgot bag – front door. Kids arguing. Forgot goggles. You serious? Back in house. Back in car. Every traffic light red... Come on! NOW you have to pee? Why aren’t you wearing your swimsuit under your clothes? Phew – it’s in bag. Two minutes late to pool deck. Where is everyone? OMG – it’s Saturday… swim lessons are on Sunday!

In every story is an adventure…

CoverYour adventure may be more serene but the similarity between yours and mine is that we both seek quality. Quality relationships, quality time, a life of quality.

Another adventure begins in this book. You’ll see yourself, you’ll see your friends, co-workers, employees, and family. You might stop for a second to realize that despite our different adventures, we’re tied together by the quality of our decisions, our visions, and our attitudes.

This is your adventure,

This is your bag…

See the US version See the Canadian version

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