Health Alert – Wooden BBQ Grill Cleaners to the Rescue!


Canadian surgeons urge people to throw out bristle BBQ brushes [read more…]
Surgeons are urging people to stop using wire-bristled barbecue brushes.

Why, you may ask? Well, although the answer is simple, it’s also a scary and eye-opening one.

BQ9535 BBQ GRILL CLEANER [click here]
Those sharp, wire bristles that are found on traditional BBQ brushes can actually fall off of your brush as you clean your grill. The result is that they may become stuck in your food, which can be ingested – sometimes without even being noticed. If swallowed, those wires can cause serious damage to the throat and other surrounding areas, potentially leading to fatal infections and a host of terrible complications.

The removal of these wires is not easy – just ask your surgeon! Many have said that it’s like finding a needle in a haystack. And to exacerbate the issue, these wires can become deeply embedded.

So what’s the recommendation?

Here’s where wooden BBQ grill cleaners come to the rescue! The BQ9535 BBQ GRILL CLEANER, made from rubber wood, or the BQ9446 PIT MASTER BBQ GRILL CLEANER, made from pine wood, provide the perfect solution.  And that solution is – no more wire bristles!!

How?  Here’s how they work.

“With medium pressure, work your scraper back and forth over the hot grill”

Before your initial use, heat your BBQ to max temperature. With medium pressure, work your scraper back and forth over the hot grill (similar to using a paint scraper).  The extreme heat and the scraping will literally burn grooves (or indents) into your wood scraper, making it completely custom fit to your favorite grill. Now, whenever you’re


done grilling your award-winning brisket, hamburgers, or whatever your specialty is, you can use your custom wooden brush to clean all of the remnants from your grill.  Voila – as clean as new – and no dangerous wire bristles to be found anywhere!

Is there a better way to show your brand cares than with a promotional product that actually helps to keep your clients (and their families) safe?   And just imagine the positive brand impressions you’ll garner with your logo smack in the center of their next family BBQ!

Now let’s spread the word and all do our part in keeping everyone safe this BBQ season!


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