Who Is Savannah?

It’s not just a “bag”.

It’s with you day in and day out, from home to work to play and back home again.  It’s with you in the heat, in the rain, in the gloom and in the sunshine.  It’s your travel companion, your business partner, a fellow explorer, a personal Sherpa…

On a trip it waits patiently beside your bed, sits with you at breakfast and follows you obediently throughout the day.  It lives in your home, has its regular spot in your office and is your everyday commute-mate.  You spend as much time with your bag as you do with your immediate family.  Maybe even more so.

It doesn’t just hold your stuff, it protects it – shielding your personal effects from an invasive world.  And you rely on it unquestionably to hold to that promise of safety and security.

The Savannah line

Your bag lives in your world, becoming one of the most personal items you own.  It’s not a relationship to be taken lightly.

That’s the spirit that lives within the Savannah line.

It’s reflected in the design and function of  each member of the family, with features that know your lifestyle.  Whether it’s thoughtful additions like integrated external USB power outlet to keep you powered on the go, or tough bungee webbing that allows you to fasten odd-sized equipment as you trek across the grasslands, Savannah is there for you.

And in application Savannah has a form to KN9452_Savannah_Backpack_Hiking_Imagesuit your needs; from a backpack, to a business brief, to a cinch bag to a cooler bag.  All luxuriously appointed in stylish heathered-gray materials, and thickly padded for maximum comfort and protection.  The Savannah line works singularly or in sets, expanding to your lifestyle as your needs require.

As for your brand or business, Savannah is engineered to make maximum impact.  Exquisite decorating options abound, letting you fit out your employees or most valued clients with a truly thoughtful gift.  This is branding at its finest, creating the kind of second-to-none impressions that inspire fidelity, loyalty and reciprocity.

So remember; it’s not just a “bag”, it’s an integral part of your life.  It’s a reflection of your personal adventure, and expression of who you are and the terms on which you live.  It’s the fundamental question we ask as we present this line to you; are you Savannah?

See the entire Savannah line here.


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