Drinkware – By The Numbers

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Surveys show that 50% or more of employers offer some type of health and wellness program. Among large employers, 60-80% do so. Nike, HBO, Forbes, Google, MTV and IBM all support workplace yoga programs. Why? A Conference Board study has shown that for every $1 invested in workplace health and wellness an organization can expect to return $3 in cost savings, when measured in worker productivity and reduced absenteeism due to illness.  Drinkware pieces are the perfect vehicle to promote your workplace health and wellness program, because of their large, top-of-mind branding areas, and their high tendency for daily use.  They also make real sense within the scope of the program; after all, hydration is key in any wellness program.


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There are over 2,700 universities and colleges in North America with over 22.3 million students enrolled at those institutions. When you add high schools, grade schools, and sporting leagues to the equation, the numbers are staggering. Oh – and don’t forget that each of those schools and sport teams has a fan base.  Those fan bases generally extend far beyond the field, the campus – and often – the state or region.  The perfect drinkware piece means they’ll be showing their team colors every day.


DA8979, DA9003

Your bank teller has an acrylic tumbler at the terminal he sits at 5 days a week. Your insurance agent drinks an average of 3 cups of coffee a day from her favorite mug. The CEO of a brokerage house drives to work an average of 260 days a year with her trusted coffee tumbler. Whether it’s used in the home, in transit, or at the office, the simple fact is that promotional drinkware has the ability to advertise your brand in multiple settings, at all times and phases of the day.

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Private associations and clubs march to the beat of their own drum. They are careful about their image and have a clear idea of their mission. Using promotional drinkware in this sector provides a fantastic way to promote a vision, recruit like-minded individuals, and raise critical mission awareness. North Americans throw away an astonishing average of over 25 billion paper cups every single year. For every four paper cups manufactured there is the equivalent of 1 pound of CO2 emissions. To create a single paper cup it takes 43 grams of wood, 4.1 grams of petroleum and 1.8 grams of chemicals. A person saving a single paper cup a day for 40 years will save 24 trees. Multiply that by the number of members in your association, and the numbers become staggering. Eliminate every paper cup for all members and your organization begins to change the world.

The effectiveness of drinkware as a branding vehicle across multiple industries is well documented.  What is far less understood are the types of drinkware that resonate most effectively within each industry.  That’s where we’ve stepped in.

We’ve used our 30+ years of industry data to compile a handy drinkware solutions guide.  We’ve studied the types, the shapes, the materials and the designs that sell most frequently in half a dozen key industries.  These are trends – solidly researched and quantified by millions of lines of actual sales data throughout North America – and not absolutes. But they provide an excellent starting point for your search to find the perfect drinkware solution for your next campaign.


Want to find the right way to identify with your target audience?  Why not stack the weight of numbers on your side?


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