Debco Dividends Insights

Turning Our Data Into Your Gains…

Up until 1900 it was observed that human knowledge doubled approximately every 100 years (“Knowledge Doubling Curve”, Buckminster Fuller).

By the end of World War 2 that number had accelerated to a doubling every 25 years.

Today, that number is estimated to be every 13 months. With Big Data, the rise of A.I., the Internet of Things and the so-called 4th Industrial Revolution, IBM predicts that in the near future this same phenomenon might happen as rapidly as every 12 hours.

If knowledge is wealth, then data is a currency by which it can be measured.  So it stands to reason that those companies who leverage data to gain business insights have a huge advantage over those who don’t (or believe they can’t).

That’s where Debco Dividends Insights comes in.


We take our 35+ years of promotional product data (representing over 10 million lines of historic sales data) and run it through our gauntlet of analytical processes. For instance, we seek to understand the spending habits, end-user customer lifetime value and industry-spend predilections (ie; preference in types of corporate gifts and promotional items).  Our algorithmic modelling helps to best predict the features, options, products and categories that will best meet your client’s needs.  And then there are all the techniques we use to hone in on the types of marketing positioning we need to provide you with to help your client understand why your product suggestion is the perfect solution for their promotional needs (ie; fit for their particular marketing mix or marketing strategy).

In Debco Dividends Insights, we present this data in a clear, intuitive and instantly monetizable manner – specially tailored to your needs, based on feedback you’ve given us.


What do you need to do?  If you’re one of our promotional product distributor-partners, simply look out for our Debco Dividends Insights e-mails, sent directly to your inbox (if not, please sign-up for our emails below).  These feature winning promotional products, in winning categories and industries, measured against your company’s sales and specific opportunities.

So take a page from the playbook of the top five data-centric organizations on the planet – Google, Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Microsoft.  Let us boil it down for you to the most straight-forward, actionable level, leveraging the sales wins hidden in 10 million+ lines of data.  Do your own “doubling”-down, simply by adding Debco Dividends Insights to your already successful business practices.

Available NOW, and FREE for promotional product distributor-partners just like you.



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