Tactile Tactics

Promotional Products with Great Feel

I remember the feel of the leather.Baseball Glove

There are voices calling my name.  I look in for the sign, nerves making me chew a stray end of lacing, the mild salty taste somehow reassuring.

I nod, feeling for the seams that interrupt the otherwise smooth surface of the ball, and tighten my grip.  My lips brush the back webbing of my glove in a last, silent prayer to the gods of softball.  Then muscle memory takes over and the pitch slips from my fingers…

That night I’m lying in bed.  My eyes are open and I’m looking across the twilight-lit room at the shiny trophy that has taken its place of honour on my chest of drawers.  I smile, reach out and pat the baseball glove that lays beside me on the pillow, sharing comfort in the spoils of victory, my twelve year old mind unaware and uncaring of the logistical follies of anthropomorphizing such commonplace objects.  For now we will savour the day, and I will drift off into sleep with the feel of soft leather under my fingertips and the resounding echo of ‘strike three!’ in my mind.

There are physical items like baseball gloves living in all of our memories.  Things that remind us of special victories, happy moments and the people special to us in our lives.  Think of the toddler on unsteady legs, a firm grasp on an oversized teddy bear despite its impediment to forward progress.  The feeling of jeans fresh and warm from the drier, or of snuggling the blankets up to your chin on a cold winter night.  These kinds of physical items make an indelible mark in our memory, through a phenomenal called Tangible Sensory Recall, and form the cornerstone principle of the Promotional Products industry.  Studies suggest that 3 of 4 people who receive a promotional gift remember the brand up to a year after they have received it.  Strong tactile sensations make a lasting impression, and exponentially increase the efficacy of any advertising campaign.

With that in mind we have chosen four products that we feel best represent that idea of that ‘Tactile impact’, and give your customers the opportunity to impart a little unwitting nostalgia of their own upon their future fans.

CU6356 – TOUCH SCREEN GLOVESTactileProducts

A one size fits all, acrylic with conductive fibres, universal fived-fingered touch screen glove.  Think warm and cozy walking the dog in the snow, all the while in touch with the world around you through your smart phone.   Compatible with most touch screen devices: iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Android phones, etc.  Ideal for our fabulous Perfect Print decorating technique, with multiple options on location.


A tactile titillator!  Gorgeous soapstone feel and design.  When placed in the freezer for several hours, can be placed in any drink to chill without any dilution.  Perfect for those rare, smoky-smooth single malt scotches that should never see sight of water!  Comes in its own container, with a mesh bag inside, with Decal and Pad Printing options available.


Combine the feel of this perfect ergonomic design with the sensation of superior sound, and affect your clients in two powerful ways.  Adjustable headband makes for supreme comfort.  Built-in microphone allows you to make and receive calls from your cell phone.  Connect wirelessly to your Bluetooth® enabled devices (computer, cell phone, etc.)  3 hour charge time for up to 10 hours of music, 250 hours standby or 11 hours talk time.  Perfect for Pad Printing decoration, with options for colours and locations.


The smooth, elegant feel of glass.  Remembered in old Coke bottles, milk bottles, and favoured drinking vessels of days gone by.  This gift box gives you the best of both single- and double-walled glass bottle options, for cold and hot beverages, respectively.  Includes an elegant gift box and a silver, satin-finished coloured pull bow.  Decorating options are not listed on the website, but I’m thinking must be Screen Print, Aqua Mark or Pad Printing.

Other ‘tactile products’ suggestions:

WK6623 WINE BOX  (wood, leather)
CB747 | COOLER CHAIR   (comfortable, cool drinks)
DA8382 | 500 ML. (16 OZ.) STAINLESS STEEL DESKTOP MUG  (solidity of stainless steel, comfort of vinyl grip)
E3635ORGANIC TOTE BAG    (Great touch and feel, eco friendly)
KP6930 | BAMBOO SERVING SET  (great feel of bamboo, light but strong, eco friendly)
BL5272 | ZIPPERED NOTEBOOK PORTFOLIO  (Premium bonded leather, great feel to debossing technique)
SC550 | SEAT CUSHION  (cushy, bring comfort anywhere)
RP6847 | RECYCLED CARDBOARD NOTEBOOK  (great feel to recycled cardboard, debossed logo)
SB8016 | SILICONE COIN PURSE  (unique and memorable silicone feel)
MK3105 | SIX PIECE MANICURE SET  (a manicure as a tactile experience)
M3008 | NECK PILLOW   (soft, comfortable, portable luxury)
GP3482 | FOUR PIECE CORKSCREW SET  (a variety of great feels, wood, metal and glass, solid memorable weight)
GP4737-C | FLURRY FLEECE SET   (Soft fleece feel, warm and cozy)
CP4254-C | AUTO TRAVEL BLANKET   (soft, warm)
AL4749-C | ALUMINUM BRIEFCASE   (Sturdy, protective)


Do you have suggestion for a great tactile product from our catalogue?  Get involved in the conversation and leave a message below.  We would love to hear from you!


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